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Immicademy is a seamless online training platform that offers a comprehensive guide on how to immigrate to Canada and has been prepared by one of Canada’s premiere Canadian immigration service providers, Mansouri Immigration, located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Access from anywhere

With Immicademy, be assured that you will have access to your portal and all of the instructions and materials from wherever you are in the world by simply accessing your account online

Ability to extend

With Immicademy, if you need more time to complete your immigration application, you do not need to buy a new kit; you can easily extend your access time.

Full access

With Immicademy, we will ensure that without paying extra, you will have full access to all parts of the immigration kit materials that you purchased.

Online Immigration Training Institute located in Canada

Immicademy is an online professional training institute that specializes in providing immigration help to foreign nationals who wish to come to Canada either to work, study or become permanent residents. Our products and services have been designed by experienced Canadian immigration law experts. Our packages contain comprehensive Canadian immigration related materials with practical step-by-step guidelines that are easy to follow.

Do-It-Yourself practical training solutions

In our immigration tool kits and materials, we also guide you through short tutorial videos, provide you with lots of examples, and an easy to follow checklist to help you prepare your own immigration application.

Real case examples

For each immigration kit, you will be provided with real-life examples of cases and we will make sure that you have the most up-to-date information as Canadian immigration law, regulations and policies tend to change.


Do-it-yourself Canadian immigration kits

Our complete do-it-yourself Canadian immigration kits are available through our online content delivery platform.

They contain everything you need to apply for Canadian immigration programs including the Temporary Class and Permanent Residency.

Now you have the tools you need to build a better future for yourself and your family

If you are ready to start your Canadian immigration dream and begin building a brighter future for you and your family, create an account and get started today!

The quality of the training kits and information that we have provided is assured by our years of knowledge and experience working on thousands of Canadian immigration applications. 

Each Canadian immigration category that we offer is designed in a comprehensive yet easy to understand format. You will be able to complete your Study Visa and/or Express Entry permanent residency application without the need to hire an immigration professional.

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